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About Us
We've been writing, editing, creating and collaborating for more than 20 years. From entrepreneurs to multi-nationals, we've worked with businesses and NGOs of all sizes. With a knack for clearing out the clutter and getting to the essentials of what your business is all about, let us help you effectively communicate your story to the world.

Paige Okun

Storyteller, Revisionist, Listener, Creative Counsel

An unapologetic cutter of clutter, Paige excels at getting to the heart of a story. She’s worked with multi-national companies and global NGOs, offering strategic counsel, branding, writing, editing, event planning, and fundraising. 

She's helped companies in tech, hospitality, fashion, beauty, and FMCG tell their stories and clarify their vision. 


Plus, she's written for, Expat Living and a host of other outlets.


Paige publishes The Feeder, a lifestyle platform devoted to feeding your mind, body & soul.

Heidi Sarna

Writer, Editor,

Brainstormer, Clever Gal

As a long-time writer, Heidi has written for magazines, newspapers and websites worldwide, from Conde Nast Traveler to The New York Times, Straits Times, Frommers, Afar, and many more.


Co-author of Secret Singapore, a treasure trove of overlooked heritage gems, she's also written travel books for major publishers. 

She publishes the travel site offering a deep dive on unusual small-ship cruises through first-person reviews.


Heidi’s offered her editorial services to banks, travel companies, hotel groups and small businesses of many stripes.

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